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The son of a collage artist and a finish carpenter, Chris enjoyed an upbringing filled with a variety of artistic expression. Since childhood, though, he was always attracted to the beauty and utility of ceramics. This passion was refined in high school and college, as the opportunity to refine his skills on a wheel abounded. As an adult, Chris was reinvigorated with the opportunity to partner with his wife in her flower company-creating custom forms for her use. With that background and experience, we are now offering our services and products, beautifying many homes and spaces in the process!

While there are many artists that offer a variety of ceramic forms, our minimalistic pieces are designed for everyday use. Whether as a modern adornment, tableware, or a piece from our floral collection, each piece is individually made with great care and attention to detail. As such, our pieces carry individual character and no two are identical. We trust our customers will enjoy the uniqueness of each piece as much as we do.

Alongside our home line and floral line, we offer custom orders. If you are interested in a customized order for your home or an event, please contact me. Allow for ample time for any custom orders, because each piece needs customization and two firings. Depending on the size, custom orders are usually filled in 2-3 months.


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